Science and Education

Here you will learn about the science behind the innovation, in addition to helpful learning resources about ingredients we believe you should consider staying away from, understanding why sun protection is so important, causes of acne, why aging is not a dirty word, understanding how important your skin microbiome is, and why our farm to formula technology means so much to us and our loyal customers. . If you need help still, do contact your consultant or contact our concierge,

Science And Education

Experts at our sister company Cosmetic Research Lab, innovate everything that we offer to deliver superior results that conform to the most stringent ingredient and global standards. The products transform the lives of those who use and share them. You can trust that they are devoid of toxins, are cruelty-free, gluten-free, vegan and use organic, natural and ethically sourced ingredients. As an example, our patent-pending natural acne systems have been tested to be more effective than products using old science and artificial chemicals, such as, skin drying benzoyl peroxide. Through advocacy, transparency and our pioneering green science, we promote the idea of a more sustainable, safer personal care products industry without sacrificing function.

Tomorrow’s Leaf offers impressive value in the health and wellness space.

  • Unlike many other brands, we research, develop and own every formula offered as compared to many of our competitors who outsource the technology they are selling.
  • Our patent-pending technologies are used and recommended by doctors and are always gluten-free, vegan and environmental-friendly.
  • Exclusive products – only available here.
  • We use and sustainably source the highest quality ingredients never cutting corners.
  • We only use legal ingredient lists (INCI) on our products, which include full transparency of ingredient origin and their processing.

Tomorrows Leaf is an international company built on the power and passion of plant-based technology. We have been championing green chemistry since our inception in 2000 by researching and developing award-winning formulas with raw materials. Utilizing functional medicine principles with an emphasis on ingredient transparency, we have already won numerous innovation awards throughout the years, in addition to being mentioned in various New York Times’ bestsellers. Furthermore, we were honored to represent the UK Soil Association as its goodwill ambassador in the U.S.

Our scientific-based product launches are the culmination of organizational focus, a commitment to research and product development in accordance with European Cosmetic Regulations, creative marketing, excellence in leadership and an understanding of how products can have a profoundly positive effect on consumers’ lives.

Tomorrows Leaf has been able to fill a gap and satisfy consumers who want authentic, healthy, affordable, convenient and environmentally friendly beauty products that don’t compromise quality or performance. Because we engineer, manufacture and own the exclusive right to all our formulas, we can offer unparalleled value to our customers and business partners.

With a history of focusing on skin-health boosted via plant-based ingredients, we also promote the importance that the skin microbiome plays. Much more is known about how prebiotics work in our gut than anywhere else in our bodies. Interestingly, the potential benefits of topically applying prebiotics to the surface of the skin has uncovered a new perspective in the treatment of many skin conditions, including accelerated aging. By helping stimulate the growth of protective bacteria, while inhibiting unwanted bacteria, this concept demonstrates a longer-lasting action due to the rebalancing of healthy-skin microflora.

We grow our own botanicals, support dozens of farmers internationally guaranteeing that our ingredients and finished products are devoid of any toxins harmful to human health and the environment. Various accreditations including the following are also mandatory for us: UK Soil Association Organic Standards, USDA Organic, French Ecocert Organic Organization, EU COSMOS, Fairtrade, Leaping Bunny, British Association of Cold Pressed Oil Producers (BACPOP), Kosher standard with the London Beth Din and ISO 9001:2000 ISO 22716 (GMP), The Royal Horticultural Society, Society of Cosmetic Scientists and The Institute For Functional Medicine.

Tomorrows Leaf products are available for purchase as a customer and/or as an Independent Consultant. Products are not eligible for sale in retail stores or online marketplaces.